Abortion – will be subject to prevailing laws in each jurisdiction but will have neutral impact on a woman’s NPV, since it increases (FV) with pregnancy and decreases with termination for any cause. (See FAMILY PLANNING)

Age – will no longer be a determining factor for human development. Currently the young are nurtured, then put through a training program called education to prepare them for jobs in the productive machine, referred to as wage slavery by some. Once past a certain age they are regarded as unproductive and shunted off to the sidelines. With lifelong universal education and emphasis on vocations, each person of whatever age or stage has the opportunity to develop their highest potential. (See RETIREMENT & PENSIONS)

Agriculture – will be restored as the primary source of wealth. The qualifiers ‘organic’ and ‘sustainable’ will be redundant as those values are inherent in the new system at every level. Building soil, maximizing production and nutritional content with minimal environmental disruption will replace commoditization, fiscal restrictions, and pursuit of profit. Emphasis will be on meeting food security and nutritional needs, locally and globally. There will be less emphasis on cash crops, like bananas to Europe, which will have low NPV due to elevated carbon footprint in monoculture process, handling and shipping. Multinational conglomerates will shrink or disappear in absence of profit, and low to negative NPV, so vast acreages of monoculture crops and CAFOs will diminish. (See EXPORTS, FARMING & FOOD PRODUCTION, FOOD)

Arms – With the profit motive removed, there will be limited production, since the NPV will be low to negative. Access to arms will be restricted to governments for security and defense. Existing stockpiles will be recycled into tools and implements garnering NPV boost. (See WAR)

Arts – will flourish. As practitioners no longer have to worry about paying bills but can concentrate on their creative process. Many current job-holders, freed from obligatory drudgery, will pursue their artistic dreams. Museums, theaters, performance venues, cultural organizations will be free to expand, consolidate, establish in under-served areas.

Automobiles – will shift from internal combustion engines to electric or other non-polluting energy. There will be mostly trucking and service vehicles, with few personal vehicles as fully developed mass transit, including bus, rail, self-driving pods and shuttles, will be widespread. (See FOSSIL FUELS)

Banking – will be obsolete, there being nothing to bank. The entire financial sector that has been built on the symbolic tokens of wealth that became at its height mirror images in a mirror in infinite regression, will disappear. The mirror is now cracked and will be shattered in due course. (See MONEY)

Budgets – will still be an essential planning tool as a blueprint and not as a limitation. State budgets based on taxes, are dependent on growth which is taxed, diminishing returns and profitability, lowering revenue in a vicious cycle. NPV budgets are open-ended and responsive to needs and conditions as they arise. Everything is “paid for” by its intrinsic value and contribution to NVP. (See DEFICIT SPENDING)

CAFOs – Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations will decline due to reduced demand for meat, and low or negative NPV, reducing methane release from livestock and their waste. Extensive acreage now devoted to producing livestock feed will be reforested, increasing carbon sequestration. (See FARMING & FOOD PRODUCTION, GREENHOUSE GASES, GLOBAL WARMING, MEAT)

Crime – based on money, such as armed robbery, extortion, blackmail, kidnapping will no longer have a convenient, easily convertible store of value to target. Practitioners will no doubt divert their attention to gaming the system by compromising the security walls. With their basic needs and that of their dependents met, and lifelong security, there may be less incentive to steal. Medical interventions and psychological support will be universally available to prevent or reduce psychopathic and sociopathic behavior. (See DRUG TRADE, GANGS, TERRORISM)

Charity – there will be little need for charity as everyone will be provided for. There will be still the need for organized and systematic support for distressed or displaced populations. Relief agencies such as the Red Cross will have immediate and unlimited access to available resources without the necessity and constraints of fund-raising. Aid recipients will get full benefit of assistance, instead of a mere residue after contractors and administrators have extracted their margins.

Commons – will increase as property and resources revert to community and regional control. Management of commons will be one of highest forms of service. (See OWNERSHIP, PROPERTY, REAL ESTATE, SERVICE)

Copyright – the tangled and contentious situation will be at an end when every invention, creation, original work or innovation will be registered and tracked by cryptographic hash tag, which credit the originating accountity each time and in every instance the work is quoted, referenced, or used in any way. Credit for derivative works reaches back to every source from which it is derived. (See INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY)

Corporations – will include any two or more persons who decide to pool ideas, talents and resources for a valid purpose. All corporations will be non-profit by definition and default. Existing for-profit corporations will likely disappear, their sole function to make profit no longer possible, unless they can restructure their operations around providing actual value. (See HOUSEHOLD)

Currency – any finite token surrogate is a limiting factor for the economy which is the metabolism of the planet so will fall out of use, except in closed systems with fixed boundaries, rules and players. (See INFLATION, MONEY)

Data – will be aggregated to prevent abuse. Personal information will be stripped out as it is transmitted though information will not have the commercial value that it now holds for profit-driven marketers and manufacturers.

Deficit spending – and budget overruns will be a thing of the past. The concept will come to be regarded as a peculiarity, understood as a consequence of tying development and maintenance to tax-based revenue that is contingent on that performance, like a dog chasing its tail. (See BUDGETS)

Drug trade – production, and use of substances will be decriminalized and regulated, taking it out of the hands of the criminal underworld. Removal of monetary incentives will reduce activity in this sector while the value index will further diminish its appeal. Some producers may be certified to divert their expertise to research and development of life-enhancing applications. Persons with addictions will be assisted with a clean and controlled supply under monitored conditions until they can be rehabilitated. (See CRIME, GANGS, TERRORISM)

Education – universally available at every age and life stage, will be a major means for enhancing one’s personal index. With millions liberated from wage slavery, life-long learning is a likely option. Institutions will not be hampered by budgetary and resource constraints.

Energy – all sources of energy will be non-polluting and renewable. (See FOSSIL FUELS)

Entitlements – like social security, health insurance and food support will be absorbed into and expanded in universal disbursements to cover basic needs for the life of each person. (See HEALTHCARE, RETIREMENT & PENSIONS)

Entrepreneurs – freed of monetary restriction, innovative and enterprising minds and organizations will pursue excellence unadulterated by the need to make profit. Any endeavor shown to create value warrants automatic support with access to resources, personnel and infrastructure. (See CORPORATIONS, MANUFACTURERS, PRODUCERS)

Equality – With Universal Basic, every human being is recognized as equal. NPV has no bias concerning sex, gender, class, color, race, orientation, religion, or affiliation. When women are freed from economic dependence on men, they will be able to develop their full human potential. (See WOMEN)

Exports – Essential crops will continue to be grown where suitable and shipped to other regions. Demand for manufactured goods will be met locally where possible and only essentials will be exported. (See CORPORATIONS, MANUFACTURERS, PRODUCERS)

Family planning – with each child supported from birth, a balancing mechanism will be needed in those areas that are at or beyond optimal carrying capacity. Regulations like China’s one-child policy will be unnecessary. Instead, the system will automatically reduce each parental accountity index on the birth of a third child. The reverse could be applied in under-populated areas where incentives would reward fertility. (See ABORTION, POPULATION)

Farming and food production – will become a pre-eminent vocation, replacing Wall Street wizardry as the sought-after career. Feeding people will be of the highest service. (See AGRICULTURE, FOOD, MEAT)

Food – will be local, fresh, wholesome and healthy with minimal processing. There will be no reason or incentive to be otherwise. Cheap food and empty calories will not reach market since no value will accrue to the producer. Released from wage slavery, families will have more time to prepare meals from whole foods with care, balance and variety. The effect on public health will be markedly improved. (See AGRICULTURE, FARMING & FOOD PRODUCTION, MEAT)

Fast-food – as currently understood, will slowly disappear as low NPV wil discourage businesses from continuing or expanding. Restaurants will have to offer more sustainable and healthy menu options to maintain a positive NPV to remain in business. (See AGRICULTURE, FARMING & FOOD PRODUCTION, FOOD, MEAT)

Fossil fuels – whatever their initial index, it can only decline over time as alternative and renewable sources become more available, freed from the limitations of financing. [Shell Chief Executive Officer Ben van Beurden: societal acceptance of the energy system as we have it is just disappearing – Reuters, 9 March 2017] (See ENERGY)

Free market – the best features of market forces are retained without manipulation driven by profit. Perhaps for the first time a truly free market will emerge on a level playing field for all players, unlike the current “free market” which requires a minimum of tokens to even enter.

Gambling – some mechanism will have to be devised to satisfy this drive currently met by the stock market, casinos and other speculative pursuits. Perhaps currency will be retained for this purpose utilized in much the same way tokens are today or like Monopoly money. They may be accumulated and lost but unable to be “cashed in.” (See CURRENCY, MONEY, STOCK MARKET)

Gentrification – will restore and revive blighted communities, allowing residents to remain if they choose, as there will be no developer profits, no increased rates and “property values” forcing them to move. Densities may be increased to cope with urban drift and population increase, while allowing more rational and efficient use of resources. (See OWNERSHIP, PROPERTY, REAL ESTATE)

Gangs – youthful energy and testosterone can be redirected in pursuit of value. Given a cause, purpose and sense of belonging, young men can achieve status and ranking, gain experience and develop leadership and social skills. (See CRIME)

Gifts – bestowals currently denominated in currency such as awards, donations, gratuities, prizes and scholarships will be replaced by similar based on pure value: appreciation, honor, merit, recognition, reputation, status. (See CURRENCY, MONEY)

Globalization – will be seen as the logical continuation of hominid migration out of Africa, the peopling of the Americas, exploratory voyages out of Ming China and Europe, the Silk Road, cruise ships and air travel. Different populations of one species inhabiting one planet, interested and engaged with each, creating and sharing the noosphere by means of telecommunications, the internet, and PI.

Global warming – will continue apace as released methane from melting permafrost and increased water vapor from more rapid evaporation exacerbate the vicious cycle already set in motion. NPV will dampen anthropogenic sources from burning fossil fuels, and from CAFOs. (See CAFOs, CLIMATE CHANGE, FOSSIL FUELS, GREENHOUSE GASES)

Greenhouse gases – anthropogenic sources will be severely curtailed since fossil fuel use, and CAFOs will hold low or negative NPV. However, water vapor level and methane release will continue due to increased global temperature. (See CAFOs, FOSSIL FUELS, GLOBAL WARMING, LIVESTOCK)

GMOs – only those proven to be totally safe without unintended consequences will be assessed positively and can therefore be released. Without the goad of profit-making and advantage of monopolization, time and care will be devoted in undertaking due diligence. (See RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT)

Governance – Existing forms of political organization and philosophy, from autocracy to democracy, from extreme individualism to collectivism, can be supported within the carrying capacity of ecological limits. (See POLITICAL SYSTEMS)

Growth – will be predicated on value rather than volume as measured by money, will be organic and emergent from the balance between human need and environmental limits. Growth will be indicated by increases in NPV as necessary goods and services are produced to meet real needs and not dictated by inaccurate and lopsided increases to the financial bottom-line. Increases to NPV benefit all simultaneously and proportionately. Those at the base of the economic pyramid do not have to depend on crumbs or the trickle down effect.

Healthcare – will be universal and readily accessible. Elective medical procedures will exact a higher deduction from an individual’s account. Healthcare institutions and personnel will be “reimbursed” according to the volume and quality of their service. Healthcare insurance will be unnecessary, removing one of the largest obstacles to effective healthcare delivery. (See MEDICINE)

Hostile takeover – this is not on option as there are no shares to buy up as ownership is replaced by subscription and membership.

Homelessness – will be by choice only. There may be something to be said for being untethered, harking back perhaps to our hunter-gatherer days spent in the boundless open, owning nothing more than we could personally carry. Basic allowance will give anyone access to rooming houses, hostels, shelters and hotels. (See HOUSING)

Household – two or more persons married or not, can incorporate as a domestic entity to share responsibilities, pool resources and qualify for larger housing accommodation. Their individual accounts will remain intact save for a registration notation indicating their corporate status. (See CORPORATIONS, MARRIAGE)

Housing – existing arrangements will remain in place if residents are NPV qualified and choose to remain, or they may opt to move to other available housing for which they qualify. As far as possible, existing housing stock will be fully utilized – rebuilt, repaired and refurbished, if necessary – before any new housing units are built. (See PROPERTY, REAL ESTATE)

Immigration – will be reduced to a trickle, undertaken only by those persons who have pre-existing relationships in the receiving country. Most people, their basic needs taken care of, will choose to remain in their home communities among family, friends and support system. The grass is as green at home as anywhere else. (See MIGRATION, REFUGEES)

Inflation – is not possible since there are no units to represent and store value, only the value created and reflected numerically in a constant feedback loop. The unending wage-price increase chase will be at an end. (See CURRENCY, MONEY)

Intellectual property – each invention, literary or artistic work registered adds to the creator’s value index, and every instance of access to, use or performance of, such work contributes to their NPV. These benefits accrue as well to the NPV of each work as its own Class 7 accountity. Revisions, variations, citations, derivative works are all tracked by means of cryptographic hash function in perpetuity. Patents and copyright are superseded. Works may be bequeathed or assigned to a library, museum or scientific institute to increase that institution’s NPV. (See COPYRIGHT, RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT)

Interest – there will be no money, nothing to borrow or lend, and therefore no interest which is nothing more than a cost to access money which is created when the loan is issued. The amount of interest is not created along with the principal, leading to a shortfall only met by borrowing more, a vicious circle.

Internet commerce – seamlessly facilitated by the all-digital NPV system. Online newspapers, information sources, social networks, music and video-sharing sites will all be automatically credited with each user access.

Investment – without money there will be nothing to invest and no returns on investment. Support can be given to enterprises and initiatives, the rewards from which will be added value to the system, the environment and society. (See BANKING, MONEY, STOCK MARKET)

Jobs – will be few, continuing the present trend to maximize production and efficiency through automation and robotics. With the abolition of wage slavery, people will develop vocations through which they find fulfillment and personal satisfaction. A subsequent flowering of creativity, innovation and excellence is anticipated. (See SERVICE, VOCATION, WORK)

Livestock – demand for meat will decrease so small herds will be managed in local open-ranges. (See AGRICULTURE, CAFOs, FARMING &FOOD PRODUCTION, FOOD, MEAT)

Loan – No money to borrow and no need to borrow. Lending is the mechanism by which new money is created but money to pay back the interest does not exist. This is an unsustainable system that devolves through entropy and must break down eventually. Attempts to keep the system going by packaging entropy in the form of derivatives are immediate examples of the futility of disregarding mathematical laws. (See BANKING, INTEREST, MONEY)

Manufacturing – will be more localized, particularly with the facility of 3D printing. Factories will increase their throughput by the added functions of product retrieval, repair and recycling. Ensuring compliance with standards to maintain NPV will be a new focus. (See CORPORATIONS, ENTREPRENEURS, PRODUCERS, RECYCLING)

Marriage – any two or more persons, married or not, can incorporate as a domestic entity to share responsibilities, pool resources and qualify for larger housing accommodation. Their individual accounts will remain intact save for a registration notation indicating their corporate status in PI. Local laws and traditions will still apply.(See CORPORATIONS, HOUSEHOLD)

Meat – production and consumption will be reduced, sourced only from locally managed free-range herds. CAFOs will be dismantled because of reduced demand, lack of profit, and negative NPV. Acreages cleared for the production of animal feed will be restored to their former forested state, sequestering carbon, increasing biodiversity and habitats. (See AGRICULTURE, CAFOs, FARMING & FOOD PRODUCTION, FOOD, LIVESTOCK)

Medicine – with the simple removal of financial incentives and profits, the practice of medicine, medical research and pharmaceutical development will increase their efficacy by focusing entirely only the patients. Unsuitable personnel will drop out. Mortality from iatrogenic causes will decline. (See CORPORATIONS, ENTREPRENEURS, HEALTHCARE, PRODUCERS, RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT)

Migration – will still take place according to the rules of the target countries but at much reduced rates since unlimited education and vocational opportunities will be available at home. Family unification, cultural shifts, change of climate and scenery will be primary reasons for relocation. (See IMMIGRATION, REFUGEES)

Money – there will be holdouts and holdovers, especially among rogue states and criminal groups, but eventually will become artefacts of a bygone era found only in museums, and gaming experiences. Currency will be tokens or like Monopoly money, holding no value. (See CURRENCY, GAMBLING)

Ownership – and possession of assets and resources will be replaced incrementally by access. Already current practices such as leasing, open source, time-sharing and lending libraries exemplify this trend. This leads to more equitable and efficient use of resources. Titles of Ownership will be converted to Title of Occupancy/Possession with the right to bequeath such title to heirs with qualifying NPV. Otherwise, the property or good reverts to the community trust or original producer. (See PROPERTY, REAL ESTATE)

Political systems – beyond basic human considerations, the NPV system can be applied to any political system at whatever level of political evolution or sophistication. There is a built-in bias towards to equality, equity and participation which capitalism, socialism and communism alike espouse in varying degree. Existing forms of governance will be modified to some extent but will retain basic posture until the constituents elect to change it. PI underpins and transcends political systems, operating from higher levels of holarchy. (See GOVERNANCE)

Population – increase or decrease can be influenced by localized adjustments to the value index based on carrying capacity, without heavy-handed government regulation. (See FAMILY PLANNING)

Producers – will be freed to focus on their core function, without having to worry about taxes, insurance, pensions. Ensuring compliance with standards to maintain NPV will be a new focus. (See CORPORATIONS, ENTREPRENEURS, MANUFACTURING)

Profit – will be measured in terms of increases in value index and not in fungible units. It will be a performance indicator that will appeal to the competitive spirit within a new paradigm.

Property – will remain in the possession of current holders. Nothing will be confiscated from anyone to be redistributed. This will avoid panic, hoarding and armed resistance, facilitating an easier transition. It is also unnecessary. It matters not who currently “owns” anything for it to be counted. Eventually, Titles of Ownership will be converted to Title of Occupancy/Possession with the right to bequeath such title to heirs with qualifying NPV. Otherwise, the property or good reverts to the community trust or original producer. (See COMMONS, GENTRIFICATION, OWNERSHIP, REAL ESTATE)

Public funding – will take the form of access to resources for political campaigns, broadcasting, education, infrastructure development and maintenance. Support will be routine and automatic when proposal meets minimum NPV requirements. (See BUDGETS

Real estate – Land, developed and undeveloped property, buildings, housing will be vested in trusts at appropriate levels of holarchy. Eventually, Titles of Ownership will be converted to Title of Occupancy/Possession with the right to bequeath such title to heirs with qualifying NPV. There will be no displacement except when occupant NPV does not qualify, in which case they will be moved to accommodation applicable to their level. (See COMMONS, GENTRIFICATION, OWNERSHIP, PROPERTY)

Recycling – will be default practice as materials and manufactured objects represent embedded energy which is best recovered rather than lost to entropy; recycling reduces the energy expenditure necessary to produce new materials, and reduces solid waste. (See MANUFACTURING, PRODUCERS)

Refugees – the number of people fleeing their countries will be minimal. There will no longer be economic reasons for them to do so. Refugees will come only from countries experiencing civil strife, oppression, or natural disaster. (See MIGRATION)

Research & Development – will take off, freed from the constraints of budgets. Open access to information at every stage of development will stimulate, influence and trigger competing and co-operative endeavors as each enhances its NPV with due credits tracked in perpetuity by means of cryptographic hash functions. (See INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY)

Retirement and pensions – will be made redundant as each person can choose to be occupied or not at any age and be provided basic support for the duration of their lives. Index increases from personal achievement will be retained. (See AGE)

Self-interest – remains part of the motivation, nudged in the direction of sustainability. Real-time, real-world actions that benefit or harm the self have measurable consequences for all.

Service – With no financial burdens, people will be free to devote themselves to assisting in the transition to the new dispensation as invariably there will be some confusion and uncertainty. There will be new roles to fill in writing standards, tracking compliance, trouble-shooting and training. Public service and managing the commons will peg high NPV. (See COMMONS, JOBS, VOCATION, WORK)

Social contract social covenants are desirable but near impossible to achieve given political impasse and inertia, e.g. Davos. Successful implementation of PI is not dependent on social contracts. (See COMMONS)

Social network – the system and software behind NPV will create the ultimate social network into which every human being will be plugged. The current practice of sending remittances to mobile phones in Haiti and West Africa is an indication of where wireless technology could go.

Stock market – vestiges may linger as a recreational activity to satisfy the gambling drive. Company ownership is replaced with participation by subscription which can be terminated by expulsion or resignation. There is no “piece” that can be traded or assigned. (See CORPORATIONS, GAMBLING, INVESTMENT)

Terrorismwith money and easily convertible currency in decline, and arms less available, would-be terrorists would be encouraged instead to utilize NPV support to create and develop their societies along the lines they envision, avoiding psychopathic and sociopathic behavior which will reduce that NPV support. (See ARMS, CRIME, DRUG TRADE, GANGS)

Transportation – will favor mass transit and the phasing out of private automobiles and the internal combustion engine. The smart-growth trend towards transit-oriented development (TOD) with integrated rail and bus lines, bicycling and walk-able communities will be intensified. New forms of transportation will be quickly developed, freed from financial constraints. (See AUTOMOBILES, TRAVEL)

Travel – by air will be considerably reduced as communications systems render physical relocation unnecessary. Leisure travel will be based on solar- and wind-powered vessels requiring more transit time but time to live will be more available for the average person. (See AUTOMOBILES, TRANSPORTATION)

Vocation – freed from the need to earn a living people will pursue their dreams and passions and develop vocations, facilitated by whatever training and education necessary. They can express their creativity, begin new ventures, devote to a cause, lead a contemplative life. (See ARTS, JOBS, SERVICE, WORK)

War – With less economic strife, there will be less occasion for hostility and aggression, often carried out under the banner of religious and ethnic difference. Territorial disputes can be ameliorated by the PI recognition of group sovereignty and the conversion of land ownership to trusts. (See ARMS, SOVEREIGNTY)

Women – have been discriminated and disadvantaged in the monetary economy, earning comparatively less remuneration for similar inputs. With NPV, no gender difference is recognized in basic disbursement or in the accrual of personal value index points. Domestic and other tasks, traditionally carried out by women, are positive gender-neutral index increasing activities. Women who produce most of the food in developing countries will increase their standing, redressing some of the centuries-old inequalities which will require deep-rooted shifts in social attitudes. (See EQUALITY)

Work – job will be few, continuing the present trend to maximize production and efficiency through automation and robotics. With the abolition of wage slavery, people will be free to develop vocations through which they find fulfillment and personal satisfaction, express their creativity, begin new ventures. A subsequent flowering of creativity, innovation and excellence is anticipated. (See ARTS, JOBS, SERVICE, VOCATION)


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