It is my personally chosen task to “speculate freely,” to theorize, to play hunches, intuitions, and in general to try to extrapolate into the future … The pioneer, the creator, the explorer is generally a single, lonely person rather than a group, struggling all alone with his inner conflicts, fears, defenses against arrogance and pride, even against paranoia. He has to be a courageous man, not afraid to stick his neck out, not afraid even to make mistakes, well aware that he is, as Polanyi has stressed, a kind of gambler who comes to tentative conclusions in the absence of facts and then spends some years trying to find out if his hunch was correct. If he has any sense at all, he is of course scared of his own ideas, of his temerity, and is well aware that he is affirming what he cannot prove.

– Abraham Maslow


The author of PANACEA, Larry Chang is a Chinese-Jamaican artist/activist who had been involved with sustainability issues in the Washington Metropolitan Area, founding EcolocityDC in June 2008. The Transition model was adopted as the pattern to follow. Projects which emerged out of this include community gardens, Petworth Community Market, and Potomac local currency. He came to the realization that despite comparative success at localization and building community resilience, it was not enough to address the urgency of climate change and global upheaval. As a result, he withdrew from active participation in sustainability advocacy to figure out a way forward. PANACEA is the result of his conclusions.

In his research, Larry became enamored of the Zeitgeist movement and Jacque Fresco’s Venus Project. He considers the Net Planetary Value index a practical, do-able system that can be implemented seamlessly, without disruption, leading eventually to the sort of vision outlined by TVP.

Larry welcomes participation from anyone who gets the idea to collaborate in bringing this about. In his view, programmers are most urgently needed to create a computer model but other skill sets are as critical.


Email: info@larrychang.info

Voice mail: 202 709 7580

Skype: yocahuna

Twitter: yocahuna


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